Fake Fall

Posted by Tamara

I've been absent from this page for what feels like a whole month. But rest assured I'll provide some content soon of some adventures. The end of the summer continued to be filled with many adventures, which is why I haven't been online very much. There could be worse excuses. In other news, the weather is confusing me. I was in my bathing suit on the deck this past weekend soaking up the 90 degree sun while leaves were falling all around me. Is this summer or this fall? Technically it's fall now. But, it still feels like summer.

This past weekend while leaves were falling from the trees, but it was 90F outside.

Something to get you thinking about fall in a total cute overload way.

I should say I'm totally ok if the weather wants to stay summer while the plants and stores think it's fall. I'm totally cool with the best of both of these worlds. Bring it on, climate change. Kind of. Just bring it on a little. Don't kill our ecosystem. Thanks.


Download Google Camera App

Posted by Tamara

Smartphone apps are changing lives. There is an app for almost everything. We can send people money with the click of a button directly to their bank accounts without worry or fees as described in an earlier post here - http://everydaytamara.com/content/square-cash-cell-phone-and-desktop-app. It's amazing. You can plan weekly shopping lists, create meal plans, have a flashlight, measure things and listen to music all with apps. I'm pretty sure the list of things you can do is beyond what I even know. My latest favorite app is Google Camera. It makes pictures look professional by using a method where it scans the depth of your picture. You slowly move your camera up keeping it steady on the focus and you can change what it focuses on after it renders. It is available for download here, with probably better instructions and details: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.GoogleC...

The following pictures were taken with Google Camera. It's too good not to share.

It's a summer of weddings. I hope next summer has only one and I hope it's a destination wedding and I hope there are cheese fountains. Although we've been a little wiped out over weddings this summer, they have all been beautiful and reflective of each couple. Congratulations Sean and Kazue! We are so happy to be a part of your special day at the gorgeous Sweet Cheeks Winery

That view. 

Giddy Sean, adorable. Or maybe drunk and nervous, still adorable.

I've never seen these guys look so fancy. Abel, stop slouching.

A quick glimpse of the beautiful bridal party.

These guys.

More fools.

A new member, the Swede, came to town! We love her. Abel is ok.

And then this sunset happened. What a cool day.

It's not a marriage unless you capture awkward moments of eating food. Mission accomplished.

We love you, Shazue Koble! Sad you are so far away now, but looking forward to hearing about your next adventures and our next reunion.



Floating Down Sandy River

Posted by Tamara

Holy hotness Portland summer. It's been an amazing summer. How is it almost September? Before it starts to be pumpkin, high boots and warm sweaters everything, I want to savor the summer memories. In Oregon, we are lucky enough to have a lot of cool nature adventures in our back yard. Hiking, boating, floating, wind surfing, fishing and things I haven't though of yet are available in the summer months. One of my favorites is floating down the Sandy river. There are many rivers in the area and all have their purpose. However, I find Sandy river to be the best for floating down. 

It's around a 4 hour float if you leave one of your cars at Lewis & Clark and start the float up at Dabney Park. It's easy, breezy, beautiful just like CoverGirl. 

It's not a real adventure without a foot and water picture.

Kim and Matt soaking up the sun and being awesome.

"I feel so bohemian right now."

Floating necessities. Not pictured: Summer Breeze beers.



A New Purdy Ass Hotel Member

Posted by Tamara

I don't remember a more busy summer. The past two months have been full of travel, some two hours away and others flights across the country. Through all of it is laughter, reunions, non-stop movement and calmness before the next adventure. One of these adventures involved getting a kitten for the Purdy Ass Hotel. Meet Valentina Rossi, Rossi for short, a spunky and fast little girl named after our favorite motorcycle racer - Valentino Rossi.

It's taken a couple weeks for Dude, our resident cat, to meet the new kitten face to face. They can be in the same room and sit on the couch with all of us on there at the same time, but as soon as Rossi gets within a foot Dude will hiss. It's a warning hiss, a "bitch get out of my face" warning hiss and it's understandable. It's actually really impressive how the interactions are going, considering the last time a new cat came around there was a lot of ignoring and staying really far away. This time we took a lot of steps to ensure a more pleasant meeting. If you currently have a cat and are considering getting a new one, I highly suggest reading and following the steps on this site - http://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/how-to-introduce-a-second-cat/. 

Rossi is cute overload when she is sleeping. I bet you want one now.

Dude contemplating her future with the awfully cute tiny being.

Many adoptions available at Oregon Humane Society in Portland, OR.


Robin Williams

Posted by Tamara

I'm at a late lunch with Kevin and his mom when we hear the news that Robin Williams passed away. With all things that first appear on the internet, I question the accuracy of it. There are often death hoaxs. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. While death is often around us, beautiful life is as well. It breaks my heart that so many people are affected by depression and it breaks my heart even more to think of how many people near and dear to us may feel this way but we do not know. Try not to hold on to anger and sadness. Look at the beauty we get to see, continue to love each other and share adventures. 

I saw this quote from BlogHer.com that is a great perspective on suicide and I don't think I could say it any better: 
"Ending a life is incredibly, incredibly tragic. It represents a lost battle with mental illness. In that, it is no different than cancer, or diabetes, or a heart attack. Where it is different is that suicide is a choice. Whether it is the right or wrong choice for that person is solely the business of that person who commits suicide. But for the family left behind, it is devastating."

RIP Robin Williams

A storm starts brewing the morning I am flying back to Oregon from Maine. Warnings of the potential thunderstorm reach my email three days before scheduled departure. JetBlue offers to change my flight without penalty, but I have three days to find out if the weather will actually be as bad as predicted. I take the risk of waiting it out. 

It's the morning of my flight departure and I'm constantly checking the flight status and each time I check it's still scheduled On Time. A part of me wouldn't mind the extra day with my best friend. Although I am trying to get back to work, I'm not in danger of missing a time sensitive life event. 

The chance to stay an extra night does not come the day of my departure, so I make my way to the airport. We say our good byes and I walk through the revolving door trying not to get my bag stuck or smack my face into the revolving glass. I've seen it happen. Thankfully not to me. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

I sit down in an airport chair ready to board my flight at 3pm. 

A lady's voice gets on the intercom to inform the crowded room that the weather is quickly changing in New York, my layover destination. 

The lady's voice gets back on the intercom to inform us that we now need to wait until 4pm for the air traffic control to determine if we can land in New York. Airports provide air traffic control information by the hour. To ensure people do not get hangry, JetBlue provides an assortment of delectable snacks including animal crackers. I am reminded that I really love animal crackers. A lot. There has to be something really awful in those small animal-shaped crackers. I'm not sure why they call them crackers. They are definitely cookies. My mind is blown right now. I'm realizing they have always been cookies as I write this. I've been tricked my whole life into thinking these are simply sweet crackers so I can eat as many as I want. You sweet, delicious, evil cookies.  

The now familiar voice on the intercom announces that we will now wait until 5pm. Hurray! That's not what the other faces in the room look like right now. There is no excitement. There are just sighs. People might get hangry. My layover in New York isn't scheduled to depart until a few hours later. I'll go get a beverage and snack now. Might as well.

The voice of doom tells us straight like it is without trying to dance around the subject. Though I wouldn't mind people getting up to dance in a situation like this, really all situation. She tells us New York is a hot mess and if we can reschedule our flights for the next day, we should do it. New York is not my final destination and I'd rather be stuck in Maine with my friend than in an airport overnight. 

I quickly decide my best option is to take the opportunity to stay in town one more night. As I walk down the escalator to the front desk for resheduling, my flight is cancelled anyway.

Sometimes there are delays in life that we can't control. Every day is a new adventure, good or bad and I find it's how you react that will keep you enjoying adventures as they come. On Facebook someone says, "When life gives you lemons, eat more lobster rolls." That's how I roll. No pun intended.

My selfie reaction to the ongoing delays.

What I did to pass the time. Obviously.

This is why my flight was cancelled. Good call.

Bitches love thunderstorms.


Central Provisions in Portland, Maine

Posted by Tamara

There is nothing I enjoy more than dining out with my favorite people, drinking wine and partaking in conversation during a food adventure. This is why I really love tapas - small plates of beauty and delight. If you haven’t had tapas, it’s a family style meal where multiple plates arrive to your table consecutively. The best part about this is you get to try a bunch of different food medleys with other people. I’m kind of a food nerd, so being able to talk about the food is really satisfying. So when we decided to go to Central Provisions, a recent tapas restaurant in Portland, Me, I was more than excited. It reminded me a lot of my Portland. In Portland, Or we have a lot of different kind of tapas in town. I’m not always in the mood for tapas, sometimes I want to hog my own dish and not share. It happens. But it’s one of the more fun food adventures to try. It’s best to try with people that you share similar tastes with, though if you go with people that don’t it just means there is more for you. That’s never a bad thing.

I didn’t get a lot of images from this place; I was too occupied by the atmosphere and the dishes arriving. Great pictures can be found on their website. It has a rustic, modern décor that is pretty IN right now and it comes together with their menu. They also have a $5 happy hour mystery glass of wine on Mondays. You find out what it is when it gets to your table. It’s a lot of wine. It’s totally worth it. We happened to go on a Monday and we just managed to beat the first wave of people. It’s not too busy on Mondays. You might want to go then - mostly for the $5 wine offering.

We started off with this multi-colored smoked carrot dish. I loved the plating with the edible flowers – very summer bright and inviting.

We also tried:
- Beef tartare, holy yes, even the fries were lip smacking yum
- A fresh oyster with cocktail sauce, there are choices for the sauce
- Shrimp a la plancha
- Seared sheep’s cheese – this is serious business, like knock your pants off serious

We both agreed that the Seared Sheep’s Cheese and Beef Tartare were our favorites; however you couldn’t really go wrong with any of it.


Jenga Revised

Posted by Tamara

Writing dares and activities on Jenga pieces is the best version of the game. It completely changes the game and it's incredibly entertaining. Playing this version of the game taught me that I might be pretty good at yodeling. This could be totally wrong as I'm basing this off of a couple of vodka drinks later.

Examples of Jenga writings:
- Drink 2, Give 2
- Yodel for 30 seconds
- No pants party (yes, you have to)
- Categories (think of a category and go around the table naming something from that category until someone fumbles)
- Thumb on the table (last person to put the thumb on the table drinks)

This could also be a non-drinking game, but then you would just be doing silly stuff and playing Jenga. I guess that doesn't sound that bad. 


Maine Lobster Rolls

Posted by Tamara

If you ever find yourself in Maine and you don't like lobster rolls, get out. Seriously, you might need to leave. There is no room for your kind. Alright, you can come with me and I'll eat all your lobster. This could work out very well. Call me.

The best place for a lobster roll in Portland, Maine is at Portland Lobster Company. This is completely biased. I didn't go to a bunch of a places and try all the lobster rolls, however given enough time I would have. I really only had two lobster rolls during this particular visit, but I heard they were voted best lobster roll. I'm not surprised. They brush it with butter instead of mayonnaise and have a cool view of the water and all the boats.

Butter is better than mayonnaise. Some things need to be said. That's why this lobster roll blew my mind. Brushed with butter instead of a lot of mayonnaise. Sign me up. Portland Lobster Company also prepares the biggest chunks of lobster in their rolls that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. I'm thinking about that lobster roll right now. I could have a lobster roll every week. I think I've said this about strawberry rhubarb pie. I say things like this about food I love. Let's look at this lobster roll I can't stop talking about.

You know what food I don't love? Plain olives. I continue to be shocked as well. I'm totally into them when they have cheese in them, obviously, or when they are mixed into things like pizza and pasta. But if they are just on a plate by themselves I just can't get into it. I've tried. I promise. I always feel really bad when they are offered to me by someone who does not know and I have to bashfully admit that I'm not into that into olives. It's not you, it's me. Really. I keep thinking my taste buds will learn to love them, so I will keep trying them unless I just tried that particular kind less than a month ago. I don't think taste buds change that fast. 

I can't believe talking about juicy, chunky, delicious lobster rolls led to olives. I'm sorry I took you there. Let's go back to Maine, where the lobster gathers like ants and the beer shows up at 8 am.

If you get stuck in the Portland Jetport, yeah they are too cool to call it an airport, you can go to Shipyard for a lobster roll and a flavorful beer in the summer. I'm not sure if they have lobster rolls there the rest of the year or if they were just tricking me to think that with their summer special. It made sense to me at the time that lobster rolls are only available part of the year due to the temperature of the ocean. I think it still makes sense, someone should tell me different. I'm probably making this up.

I'm not making up that Portland Lobster Company is a great place for a fantastic lobster roll. Go there, take a seat, grab a beer and wait for good things to come.